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Following President Vizcarra’s illegitimate impeachment, Peruvians took their fight for democracy to the streets of their country and the world.

Graphic showing photos of protests in Peru
Graphic by author.

NYU Tisch alum Sofia Sam is not into protesting. But when she learned about the coup in her home country Peru, she couldn’t help but join dozens of fellow Peruvians opposing their new president Manuel Merino in front of the UN headquarters in Manhattan.

“I attended the protest alone but I really didn’t feel alone at all because when I got there I saw so many Peruvians who were also passionate about defending democracy and justice,” Sam, who is a theater company manager in New York, said.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra was illegitimately impeached by Congress on Monday, Nov. 9

The NYU Ad Observer plugin enlisted more than 15,000 users to examine the political ads they were shown on Facebook.

Graphic showing political ads of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the logo of Ad Observer and the logo of Facebook
Graphic by author.

Facebook is pressing NYU researchers to stop collecting data on political ad targeting amid the presidential election, setting up a precedent to discourage independent investigations on Facebook without the company’s approval.

The controversy arose over Ad Observer, a web plugin that copies the political ads that users see on Facebook and puts them in the Ad Observatory public database with the aim of increasing transparency on ad targeting.

“We understand the intent behind your tool. However, the browser plugin scrapes information in violation of our terms, which are designed to protect people’s privacy,” reads an email from Facebook sent to…

The Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences will be renamed after Purdue Pharma pled guilty on federal criminal charges.

Photo of NYU Langone building and sign, photo of hand holding OxyContin and photo of medical researchers.
Graphic by author.

NYU Langone Medical Center will remove the family name Sackler from its biomedical institute after the Sackler’s company, Purdue Pharma, agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges for marketing the addictive painkiller OxyContin.

“In view of yesterday’s U.S. Department of Justice announcement of the settlement of federal criminal charges with Purdue Pharma and the civil settlement with members of the Sackler family related to the marketing of Purdue’s opioid products,” NYU officials said in a written statement on Thursday. “NYU Langone Health will be removing the Sackler name from its Graduate Biomedical Institute, as well as other named programs.”


Emerging directors created sinister plots with family and race at the front of their productions.

Graphic showing the drawing of a house and the text “Welcome to Blumhouse” in red letters.
Graphic by author.

Spooky season is here, and Amazon Studios and Blumhouse Productions are ready to give a scare. With disturbing stories surrounding race and family, their newly-released film anthology “Welcome to Blumhouse” calls for a deep reflection on American life and the thriller genre while keeping you at the edge of your seat.

“I think dysfunctional families are always relevant,” Veena Sud, director and screenwriter for “Welcome to Blumhouse’s” The Lie, said in a Zoom interview with NYU Local. “I was really happy to do a deep dive into the psychology of probably where the terror begins for a lot of people.”

After not finding enough diverse representation in the media, this Drama student launched her own online publication.

Photos via Mi Voce y La Tuya

As Black Lives Matter protests began to pop up everywhere, NYU Tisch senior Paula Leon felt the urgent need to go out and raise her voice against racial injustice. Yet, her condition as an international student put her at higher risk if detained while protesting. After feeling helpless for a bit, Leon realized she could still contribute to the movement by listening to and amplifying marginalized voices. This is how her online publication Mi Voce y La Tuya (“My Voice and Yours”) was born.

Early this summer, Leon, a Peruvian multi-hyphenated creator getting her BFA in Drama this December, pledged…

Although it might be convenient to shop in big-chain stores, it’s time to support rising businesses with a purpose.

Graphic showing a store front that says Latinx-owned business and a man and a woman walking towards it
Graphic by author.

Twenty-one cities around the country celebrated National Support Latino Business Day on September 14 thanks to a petition by Support Latino Biz, a nonprofit highlighting the contributions of Latinx entrepreneurs to the U.S. economy. Although it’s nice to have a special day to recognize the efforts of Latinx-owned businesses, we should strive to support them all the time. After all, helping Latinx businesspeople benefits everyone; their companies contributed $470 billion in revenue and employed over 3.2 million people in 2016. …

After the huge success of the program in its initial stage, thousands of restaurants and patrons will continue to benefit from it.

A diagram of outdoor dining regulations next to a text reading “New York City.”
Graphic by author.

As part of the city’s recovery efforts, restaurants can keep outdoor dining indefinitely, Mayor De Blasio announced on Friday.

The decision comes after several requests by the restaurant industry and city council to extend the outdoor dining experience through the rest of the year into the winter.

The Open Restaurants program, which allows individual restaurants to use the sidewalk or curb lane adjacent to their business as outdoor dining space, was set to end in October — but now it’s here to stay. Since its inception, 10,300 establishments signed up for the program and it’s estimated that it has saved…

Tired of the dining hall food? These are some tasty alternatives.

Graphic showing a person eating and the text Latin Food
Graphic by author.

Now that school is about a month into the current semester, it’s inevitable that some students are starting to experience dining hall fatigue or maybe just need a break from their same old, same old. With Hispanic Heritage Month underway, here’s a list of some of the tastiest Latin restaurants around campus to give your tastebuds a break from the watery blandness of NYU’s general food offerings.


From history to makeup, these creators will become your new favorites.

Graphic showing the Tiktok logo and the words Latinx Tiktok in red and light blue.
Graphic by Alejandra Arevalo.

Let’s face it: we can’t stop scrolling on TikTok. Following Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio is cute, but wouldn’t you love to see some other less-known yet insanely talented creators on your For You page? Here are five Latinx TikTokers that you’re probably not following, but you should.

  1. Fernanda (@fernandaa__cortes, 152.4K)

Want to learn about Latinx icons that changed the course of history and yet no one talks about them? Let Fernanda tell you all about them. …

Despite the decline of coronavirus cases in LA, authorities fear there might be a post-holiday spike.

Graphic by Eli Yurman

After spending the summer planning how to reconvene for in-person classes at NYU Los Angeles this fall, the administration decided to move entirely online, based on LA County advisory regarding coronavirus.

“I am writing to you today with an update I truly thought we would not need to provide: The Los Angeles County Department of Health informed us late yesterday — along with other colleges and universities — that we will not be permitted to resume in-person classes, or to open our residence halls, until after Thanksgiving at the earliest,” NYU LA Program Director Nina Sadowsky wrote in an email…

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